Striped Bass Survey: First Phase Will Determine Whether These Fish Winter in State

The three year joint federal-state study of the striped bass populations in Massachusetts waters will start later this month, according to Fran­cis W. Sargent of Orleans, Director of the Division of Marine Fisheries, Department of Natural Resources. The announcement was made at the annual winter meeting of the Massa­chusetts Striped Bass Association, held Monday evening at American Legion Hall, Wollaston, where Mr.

Sensational Action About Bass Derby: No More Tournaments if Plan Goes Through

Prospects are good that the annual striped derby will become a regular feature of the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club, and that none save members of the club will participate in the contest. This will mean that, for those who pay the club dues, there will be no further fee for membership in the derby contest or any other tournament which the club may arrange.

With Remembrance and Anticipation, 71st Fishing Derby Begins

After a moment of remembrance in honor of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Roy Langley opened the weigh station Sunday morning and the 71st Martha’s Vineyard Bass and Bluefish Derby got underway.

Derby Camaraderie Lures One and All

At 12:01 a.m., the first minute of Sunday morning, the lines will zip off reels and lures will plop softly in the water. The 71st Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby begins.

World Unity Might Be Sooner Achieved If All Men Could Go Fishing Together - for Blues

The bluefish run once more. After many years absence, and seasons when the species had been scarce, the great schools of which oldtimers told, have appeared again in Vineyard waters. True, the fish are small, averaging no more than two pounds each, but providing lively sport for both boat and shore fishermen, plus a banquet fit for the gods when served upon the table.
Regardless of opinion, or present day trend, it is the bluefish, rather than the striped bass, which has been the sport fish of this general locality through the generations.

Striped Bass Derby Called Most Renowned of Events

In Sports Afield for December, Bernhard A. Roth writes, among other things, of salt-water sport fishing, noting in obeisance the Vineyard Striped Bass Derby. Mr. Roth makes the claim that “the salt waters of the Bay State offer a greater variety of angling than any other North American marine area.” His comment on the derby:
“Probably the most renowned saltwater sport event is the Martha’s Vineyard Striper Derby, where the heaviest ‘linesider’ wins a fishing cruiser, trailer, or the monetary equivalent, usually.

Chosen Derby Queen

The annual derby dance, which is a part of the opening of the striped bass derby, was held at the Tisbury school auditorium on Friday night, bringing out a gratifyingly large crowd and a brand new class of contestants for the various prizes offered. Manny Silva’s orchestra pleased the dancers, and the committee, headed by Clifford Luce, went to considerable lengths to make the event enjoyable.

Sporting Magazine Is Bass Derby Booster

Publicizing of the Martha’s Vineyard striped bass derby was taken up by the Salt Water Sportsman, a weekly publication devoted exclusively to salt water sport fishing.

From Lobsterville to Squibnocket, Cape Pogue to Tisbury Great Pond, Fishermen Pick Their Favorite Spots

If there was ever a favorite fishing spot on the Vineyard, Lobsterville is it. As fishing spots go, it is fairly easy to get to. It is far enough away to feel remote and, most important of all, there are usually fish to be caught.
Lobsterville is ideal at night in the spring and superb at dawn in the autumn. Some fishermen swear by the changing tides, and that’s a respectable theory. But when striped bass and bluefish are reported to be at Lobsterville they are usually being caught at dusk in the spring and at dawn in the late summer and fall.

Bass Derby Ends In Blaze of Glory; Prizes Awarded

The Martha’s Vineyard striped bass derby wound up in a blaze of glory at noon on Tuesday, when the last fish were entered for weighing, and the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club held open house for all entrants, with dinner served in the club rooms in the evening before the prizes were awarded.
A weary group of committeemen, of judges and of sports writers from far and near gave a concerted sigh of relief, but in the same breath acclaimed the derby one of the finest ever staged, and successful to the final detail in every respect.