Valedictorian Excels on the Stage and in the Classroom
Will Sennott
Jaiden is valedictorian of the regional high school class of 2020, and he has been named a Presidential Scholar, one of only three students to receive the award this year in Massachusetts.
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Math, Music, Art, Writing; Valedictorian Astoria Hall Excels in All
Holly Pretsky
Juggling, six AP classes, two editorships and volunteer work at the animal shelter, Astoria Hall also creates whimsical pen and ink drawings.
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Valedictorian Finds Strength and Community in the Word Yes
Holly Pretsky

The student body president and senior class valedictorian both give a speech at the regional high school graduation. Rose Engler fills both those roles.

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For Valedictorian, Process Over Outcome Is Key Perspective
Chloe Reichel

Whitney Schroeder is curious, with an unassuming nature. She is also the valedictorian of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School class of 2017.

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Pride of Chappy, Valedictorian Loved Learning from Day One
Heather Hamacek
As a child, Jared Livingston was told by his father, “Don’t be afraid to ask questions.” It is a maxim he took to heart. On Sunday, Jared will graduate as the valedictorian of the high school class of 2016.
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Valedictorian Is Top of the Class but Down to Earth
Sydney Bender
Valedictorian Sarah Ortlip-Sommers was editor of the school newspaper and took more AP classes in a year than most take in four. She calls her violin an extension of herself and credits her parents Michele Ortlip and Josh Summers for her achievements.
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On Field and in Classroom, Valedictorian Keeps Eye on the Ball
Ivy Ashe
Skim the record books for the past four years of high school soccer, basketball and baseball, and you’ll notice a recurring name. Skim the grade books at the high school and you’ll notice the name again, this time at the top of the class, in the valedictorian spot for the class of 2013. Who is this Jack Roberts guy?
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Small Town Girl, Big Ideas: Valedictorian Samantha Rabin
Rachel Nava Rohr

There was no fighting to the top this year. No tooth and nail-clawing to inch past the next-highest class rank, no daily status updates with the guidance department computer system, no strategic scheduling of classes to yield a higher-weighted grade point average, regardless of interest in the subjects.

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For Truman French, Being Valedictorian Reads: Hard Work
Sam Bungey

Sitting outside Up-Island Cronig’s earlier this week, Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School’s 2008 valedictorian Truman French appeared to wearing much of the earth he had shifted around a Chilmark home that day, during a 12-hour landscaping shift.

“I’m trying to get a couple years’ college paid for,” he explained. Along with the rest of his class, Truman finished his final classes less than a week ago.

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Class Valedictorian Headed to Wheaton
Megan Dooley

It seems appropriate, somehow, that the first reward Bethany Pennington received upon hearing that she was the valedictorian of the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School class of 2009 was extra homework.

“The principal called me into his office and said, ‘You’re the valedictorian. You have to make a speech at graduation and it’s due in three weeks,’” she said, laughing, in an interview at her father’s office yesterday.

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