Steve Ewing Honored With Cronkite Award
Steve Myrick

Steve Ewing, dock builder, conservationist and Edgartown poet laureate is this year’s recipient of the Walter Cronkite award.

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Awards Event Honors Cronkite Legacy
Meg Robbins
Guests gathered for the fifth annual Walter Cronkite awards ceremony and reception on Tuesday, beneath an ivory tent on the front lawn of Karen and David Brush’s Edgartown home.
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Cronkite Awards Highlight Role of Oceans in Sustaining Life
Julia Wells

The struggle to understand the role of oceans in sustaining life is the theme Tuesday during the Walter Cronkite awards ceremony.

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Walter Cronkite Awards Continue Legacy
Walter Cronkite left a legacy that travels beyond the shores of the Vineyard, and it continues with the fifth annual Walter Cronkite Awards Ceremony and Reception on Tuesday, August 5, from 5 to 8 p.m.
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Honoring Walter Cronkite’s Legacy

Veteran journalist Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Vineyard youth Shavanae Anderson are the recipients of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute’s 2012 Walter Cronkite Award. The awards, given to those who use the power of the media to build a more educated and sustainable world, were presented at a ceremony at the Old Whaling Church in Edgartown on August 2.

Ms. Hunter-Gault, who was unable to attend the ceremony, commented in a prepared speech on the meaning of the award and the man for whom it was named.

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Two to Receive Leadership Awards

Acclaimed TV reporter and author Charlayne Hunter-Gault will be presented with the Stone Soup Leadership Institute’s 2012 Walter Cronkite Award on August 2.

Ms. Hunter-Gault, a part-time resident of the Island, has been a TV reporter for CNN and The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour, and is author of the new book, To The Mountaintop: My Journey Through the Civil Rights Movement.

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Cronkite Award for Ray Ellis at Sail MV Event

Sail Martha’s Vineyard will give its first Walter Cronkite Award, in the memory of its staunch supporter and honorary chairman who died last July, to the artist Ray Ellis.

The award will be made at Sail MV’s annual Seafood Buffet and Auction at Tisbury Wharf on Saturday, July 10.

“Walter Cronkite might not have wanted this fuss made over him,” Peggy Schwier, president of the Sail MV board, said in a statement, “but he certainly would have approved of Ray Ellis as the first person to receive this award.

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Leadership Key Ingredient for Stone Soup

Master of ceremonies Ed Jerome led a string of Vineyarders who paid tribute to veteran journalist Walter Cronkite and his love of the Island on Sunday, July 17, when the Stone Soup Leadership Institute held the second annual Walter Cronkite Awards at the Old Whaling Church.

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Cronkite Awards for Student, Filmmaker

Walter Cronkite embodied words like integrity, honesty and leadership. For many years he was referred to as the most trusted man in America. In this spirit the Stone Soup Leadership Institute created the Walter Cronkite Awards to celebrate others who, like Mr. Cronkite, work to make the world a better place.

The Stone Soup Leadership Institute develops educational tools and programs to prepare young people to become leaders of a more sustainable world. Mr. Cronkite was their honorary chairperson for nearly a decade.

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Professionalism at the Helm, Matthew Stackpole Honored
Mark Alan Lovewell

Matthew Stackpole has ridden the crest of so many successful Island endeavors for so long, it should be no surprise that on Saturday, July 9, he will receive a coveted Island award. Mr. Stackpole is the recipient of the second Walter Cronkite Award; he will be honored at the 20th annual Seafood Buffet and Auction, a fund-raiser for Sail Martha’s Vineyard at Tisbury Wharf.

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