Principal at West Tisbury School Is Called to Active Duty in Iraq
Rachel Nava Rohr

West Tisbury School principal Michael A. Halt, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, was called back to active duty this week and will leave for training in just over a week to prepare for a tour of duty in Iraq.

Mr. Halt received the official letter on Wednesday and has known with near certainty that he would be leaving for a little more than two weeks. He must report for duty by Jan. 15.

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Edward Jerome Takes the Helm at West Tisbury School for Year
Rachel Nava Rohr

Retired Edgartown School principal Edward J. Jerome will take over on Tuesday as interim principal of West Tisbury School, superintendent of schools Dr. James H. Weiss announced this week. West Tisbury School principal Michael Halt, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, leaves this weekend for active duty in California and Iraq.

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West Tisbury School Celebrates Principal Halt’s Return from Iraq
Jack Shea

January tears were replaced by October smiles welcoming U.S. Marine Lieut. Col. Michael Halt back to West Tisbury on Monday.

Better known as school principal Mr. Halt to 283 students at the school, Mr. Halt was welcomed home with simple heartfelt words by his peers and was serenaded by the student body and by the faculty after an eight-month tour of active duty, including seven and a half months based in Seleucia, Iraq.

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Denied Administration Post, West Tisbury Teacher Objects
Remy Tumin

Passed over for an administration job, a science teacher at the West Tisbury School whose students scored highest in this year’s state MCAS exams, has angrily and publicly appealed for an explanation, saying without one he would be forced to leave the Vineyard school system.

An impassioned Karl Nelson aired his grievance at a meeting of the up-Island school committee on Monday, arguing that he had been unfairly denied the job of interim assistant principal at the West Tisbury School this summer. An out-of-state candidate was selected.

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News Update: Tuesday, Dec. 20 - Up-Island Schools Opt out of Chartwells, Will Make Own Food

The Up-Island Regional School District committee voted on Monday to part ways with food service provider Chartwells at the end of the school year and instead will opt for its own meals program based at the West Tisbury school.

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Up-Island School Committee Tables Call to Wrest Cafeteria Control from Chartwells
Sara Brown

Mirroring debates around the country about the health of school lunches and the constraints of shrinking budgets, a Tuesday hearing about the Up-Island Regional School District’s 2013 operating budget centered around whether and how the schools could fit a healthier but more expensive food program into their budget. The well-attended hearing included a vocal group of parents and teachers advocating for the schools to take over the school lunch program.

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