Wake up at 6 a.m., head to hair, makeup and wardrobe, and you’re off to the beach. Sounds like a typical summer on the Vineyard, right? That was the regular routine for the cast of The Vineyard, a... Read more
Bret Blakeney with 25/7 Productions told Edgartown selectmen Monday that filming started last week at a private property in Oak Bluffs for the “docusoap” reality show. He reiterated that the premise... Read more
The cast and crew of the reality show The Vineyard has arrived on the Island and begun work on their docu-soap, set to debut this sumer on the ABC Family network. Film crews and cast members were... Read more
Filming in the town of Tisbury for the ABC Family reality TV show The Vineyard will be largely limited to the Black Dog Tavern, and will require producers to work at a breakneck pace in order to meet... Read more
The Tisbury board of selectmen will meet with producers and staff for the ABC reality show The Vineyard at their next meeting on May 7. At Tuesday’s meeting, town administrator Jay Grande said he and... Read more