Chappy Town Column: Dec. 28

With all of the major holidays behind us, we finally have a chance to catch our breath. I recommend naps for everyone. In my lines of work I never know when I will have to stay up all night. Both the ferry service and the fire department experience events that can cause me to miss my bedtime. I’m much happier and a whole lot smarter when I’m well rested.

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Chappy Town Column: Nov. 23

What I like best about Thanksgiving week, other than sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top, is that the radio stations start playing holiday music. You may think that I’m being sarcastic but I’m not. I’ve been listening to Christmas music all of my life and hearing it again transports me right back to my childhood. My favorites are the sentimental ones about getting back home for the holidays or having snow.

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Chappy Town Column: Oct. 26
If you’ve been watching the British TV series, Call The Midwife, then you have an idea of what our own Judy Buss experienced during her training in the midwifery service. She bicycled between assignments in the same outfit worn by the actors including the hat, often in the company of her midwife mother.
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Chappy Town Column: Sept. 28

Chappy Town Column: August 31
The first potluck supper at the Chappy Community Center is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 19, hosted by new CCC board member Nancy Slate and Dennis Goldin. I’ve had the good fortune to taste Nancy’s cooking, so I’m certain that the appetizers will be out of this world. Gossip starts at 6 p.m., dinner at 6:30. If you’ve already made plans with Lady Gaga, it’s okay to bring her along.
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Chappy Town Column: August 17
The Chappy Community Center held its annual meeting last Saturday, August 11, with a large group of subscribers in attendance. I heard a few things that I think the Chappy community should know. First, subscriptions to the CCC are down. This is a surprise, since the CCC provides so many activities and programs in the summer, as well as throughout the year. Second, numbers of kids taking sailing lessons are down, mostly because kids have “aged out.” Once they become 16, they get summer jobs and don’t have time for sailing.
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Chappy Town Column: August 10

There are three places where you can check up on the schedule of Chappy Community Center activities and events: their very thorough website,, their gigantic chalk board on the outside wall of the CCC and the bulletin board at the ferry point. You would need a whole page of the Gazette to tell it all, but I’ll mention just a couple of events.

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Chappy Town Column: July 20
How much longer do you want to hang on to those containers of yucky stuff that have been taking up space in the cellar? Don’t forget the hazardous waste pickup at the Chappy Community Center tomorrow, Saturday, July 21. Volunteers will be there bright and early at 7 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. sharp to collect household chemicals, old oil paint and small quantities of bad gasoline and used motor oil (the recycling center charges $1 a gallon for the used motor oil). The idea is to keep these materials out of the regular waste stream and out of the ground water. Sorry, they can’t take tires or water-based paint. Pimpneymouse Farm is providing a pickup truck to haul the hazardous waste to the Edgartown collection site.
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Chappy Town Column: July 13
Anybody who knows Nelson Jones knows what a stickler for details he is. But you have to ask yourself what he was thinking about while cutting hay in the roadside field at Pimpneymouse Farm. He left that uncut half standing intentionally to provide habitat for bobolinks and grasshopper sparrows. During mating season the male bobolink has a white back and a black underside which is unique in the American bird world. He also wears a fuzzy yellow hat. I guess the bobolink ladies like goofy-looking guys. Google bobolink and see for yourself. The grasshopper sparrow is equally interesting. This bird is so secretive that its migratory patterns are not thoroughly understood and its song is so shrill that humans often miss hearing it during bird counts.
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