The following cases were heard in Edgartown district court.
Patrick E. Donovan, trustee, purchased 20 Sunnyside avenue in Vineyard Haven from Shaun and Lisa Dolan and Robert Rivers Jr. for $2,150,000 on August...
The Island Autism Group and Martha’s Vineyard public school district will begin a pilot after school program this fall.
How to measure summer? Number of beach days. Number of fish caught. Number of stars in the sky. Number of hours worked.
On Sept. 6, the Wednesday after Labor Day, the United States Coast Guard will perform safety inspections on both Chappaquiddick ferryboats.
At this point, my mind bears a striking likeness to a late summer hazy day. It’s a touch cloudy, a tad frazzled and in a slight state of disarray.
Ah, September! The heat and humidity have dissipated. Roads are a little more clear, fewer joggers pounding their knees and hips to bits on the tar.
How many for Labor Day? Mom would ask at supper the week before. We had to account for ourselves and guests so she could order food.
Cairns, those manmade piles of stones and rocks, have been around for 40,000 years and are our oldest form of communication.