The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank reported revenues of $316,930 for the business week ending on Friday, Jan. 27, 2017.
The swordfish harpooner is back in his familiar stance in the dunes behind Menemsha Beach. The iconic work of art was reinstalled Thursday morning.
Dr. Howard Attebery, whose courtship and love affair with Cynthia Riggs captured imaginations and made news around the world, died on Feb. 1 at the...
Cap’n Stuart Bangs exhibited a whale-iron or harpoon, this week.
The following letter was sent to the West Tisbury selectmen.
West Tisbury selectmen received the final report of the committee to develop a new allocation formula for the Up-Island school district.
As of yesterday, our government has betrayed Muslim soldiers and interpreters.
I live on an Island that will be significantly impacted by sea level rise and extreme weather as a result of climate change.
I second Paul Doherty’s motion re: nips.