We are gathered on the porch, exchanging presents, sharing some champagne and crackers too.
Three administrative employees at the Windemere nursing home have tested positive for Covid-19, hospital officials said Wednesday, as the hospital...
A good fishing partner is as invaluable as a key to the gate at Quansoo.
It's the mother of all New Year's resolutions.
Kudos to the wonderful teachers, Brooke and Abby, at the regional high school, for bringing us It’s a Wonderful Life at the drive-in.
A look back at 1939.
leeks in a basket, photo by Ray Ewing
One year when the children were small, Santa brought a tape recorder.
Great egret in flight, bird photo by Lanny McDowell
Some local species may seem ho-hum to us, but visitors from abroad will rave about them.
Millstones, which still linger in the woods, fields, and streamsides, tell stories of industry, beauty, geology, and history.
Good news and good wishes.
Looking back, and looking ahead.
Ending the year with a couple of happy stories.