The Vineyard Gazette announces the launch of a new Web site today. The newspaper’s Web site has been redesigned and reconfigured, and beginning today the site will feature all the editorial content that appears in the Gazette print edition, from front page stories to town columns to letters to the editor.

“The Vineyard Gazette for the first time in its 160-year history publishes a full electronic edition of the newspaper on the Internet this morning. After months of superb work by the newspaper staff, the Vineyard Gazette Online edition appears as part of a major effort to improve and speed service to our readers on the Island, in every state of the union and in some 20 countries overseas,” said Richard Reston, publisher of the Vineyard Gazette. “We hope our subscribers enjoy both the continued delivery of the traditional Vineyard Gazette as well as immediate access to the electronic edition on publication mornings. We also welcome any suggestions our readers may have about ways to improve these new services for all Vineyard Gazette subscribers.”

The Web address is unchanged: The electronic edition of the Gazette will be available to readers free of charge until Oct. 31. After that the complete electronic edition will be available only to Gazette subscribers. Subscribers will be issued their own passwords and will be able to customize their accounts in a variety of ways. After Oct. 31, nonsubscribers will be able to view the same selection of Gazette content on the Web site that was available previously.

To check out the new Gazette Web site, go to