The recommendation from an Oak Bluffs town insurance inspector on the skate park came out of the blue last week, catching everyone by surprise, including the nonprofit organization that operates the park across the road from the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. Citing equipment safety hazards and liability concerns, the insurance inspector has recommended that the park be closed.

But the town selectmen should take another view, and allow common sense to color the discussion. If repairs are needed, then of course they should be made to insure the safety of everyone who uses the park. No one would disagree with that.

Closing the park is an extreme measure that benefits no one, especially the many people who use the park on a daily basis. And a closed skate park could pose an even greater liability to the town, which would then have to police it to guard against vandals.

This is a problem that can be easily solved, and the skate park should without question be kept open.