Each week the folks at Cinema Circus show a series of short films on Wednesday evenings at the Chilmark Community Center. The films begin at 6 p.m., but at 5 p.m. the circus — complete with jugglers, face painters, stilt walkers, food and music — gets underway.

An advanced screening of the films was arranged. In a world with few certainties, the kid critic is the critic to trust. This week’s reviewers are Ella and Lathrop Keene.

Kitten’s First Full Moon (Dir. Gary McGivney / U.S.A. / 2011 / 9 min.)

E: It was about a kitten and a bowl of milk in the sky that was really a full moon. I liked this movie because there were two bowls of milk. One was the moon and one was a pond and finally he found a bowl of milk on the porch.

L: I liked it.

Play Lunch (Dir. Cassandra Nguyen / Australia / 2011 / 10 min.)

E: I liked how this movie was made the most because there were real people. It was about this girl who had lunch and then played rugby. It made me feel good about eating because I usually eat my lunch.

L: I liked it.

I Want to Keep My Tooth (Dir. Lisa Lloyd / U.K. / 2010 / 3 min.)

E: This was different because the movie looks like pieces of paper moving. I liked it because I have a big gap between my teeth just like the girl. I liked that it was about tooth fairies.

L: I liked it.

Warbots (Dir. Tony Dusko / U.S.A. / 2012 / 1 min.)

E: It was about these alien creatures who started out with war and ended with one giving the other one a cupcake. That meant they were friendly.

L: I liked it.

Metro (Dir. Jake Wyatt / U.S.A. / 2011 / 5 min.)

E: I liked it because it was different. I really liked the picture the fox made at the end from all the tickets. This movie surprised me the most because the music was WOW. When the music got loud, it scared me. The music made all the feelings happen and they were happy at the end.

L: I liked it.

Bobble and Sqweek (Dir. Choom Lam / Canada / 2007 / 2 min.)

E: I liked it. I liked all the shapes and lines. It seems as though they drew it with markers. One was squeaky and the other sounded like a dog — I liked squeaky.

L: That was funny.

Sunday (Dir. Patrick Doyon / Canada / 2011 / 9 min.)

E: The bear inside and outside was creepy. I got confused with this movie because I didn’t really get it. A boy kept squishing a coin and animals kept dying. It was a little weird.

Princess Uppity (Dir. Gemma Taylor / U.K. / 2010 / 3 min.)

E: I liked this movie the best because I liked how at first the princess was not sharing then finally she shared because she wanted to play with the other kids. You have to share and other people will share back.

Mouse for Sale (Dir. Wouter Bongaerts / Belgium / 2010 / 5 min.)

E: I liked how the mouse looked — how big its ears were. The boys who first came weren’t nice. The second boy who came in took the mouse home because they both had big ears and he liked the mouse. The music was awesome!

L: I liked it.