Each week the folks at Cinema Circus show a series of short films on Wednesday evening at the Chilmark Community Center. The films begin at 6 p.m., but the circus gets underway at 5 p.m. An advanced screening of the films was arranged with a young cineaste.

Name: Sasha Lucchesi.

Age: 11. 

School: Day Middle School.

Pets: Two cats named Coconut and Sky.

Your favorite food: Pizza.

Something new you are learning: Triple barrel stitch in gimp.

New place you’d like to explore: The universe.

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: Going to camp.

One Small Step
In this animated film about a girl growing up with her dad, the young girl wants to be an astronaut. The first time I watched this I didn’t even notice that there isn’t any talking in the film. The story is told with music and pictures. It is a little sad and also happy. This is a cool story about trying to achieve your dreams.

If you love to eat flies, this film is for you! It is a funny film about three singing frogs and a fly. This is an animated short that also uses music to tell the story. Three frogs are sitting at a pond when a fly came over and the frogs tried to eat the fly then something unexpected happens. Watch to find out!   

Burn Out 
If I had to vote for my favorite film of this week’s films, this would be it! In this film, a space pilot crashes her plane on a deserted planet. There, while she is trying to repair the plane, she meets a little girl who surprises her and helps her remember her dreams. This film uses realistic animation and talking to tell the story. A big theme in all of the films is girls working to make their dreams come true and I liked that.

In this animated film, a young boy has a fear of heights and he crashes his toy plane into a tree then he has to climb the tree to get it. This film tells the story with music and computer animation. It was kind of a simple story. It was okay but I liked some of the other films better. 

Lili Within The Clouds
This is a cool French film about a girl with a big imagination. Lili builds a rocket with her funny friend and soars through the sky. This is the only live action film in the series. It takes place on a beautiful farm somewhere in France. There are lots of surprises and funny parts, it is also a little sad.