Each week the folks at Cinema Circus show a series of short films on Wednesday evening at the Chilmark Community Center. The films begin at 6 p.m. but the circus — complete with jugglers, face painters, stilt walkers, food and music — gets under way at 5 p.m.

The short films are programmed each week around a central theme, introduced in the first film by Professor Projector. This week’s theme is sound tracks.

An advanced screening of the films was arranged with two young cineastes. In a world with few certainties, the kid critics are the critics to trust. This week’s reviewers are Lucia and Koko Capece.

Professor Projector: Sound (Dir. Scott Barrow / USA / 2013 / 6 min.)

Lucia: I knew that one was going to be good. The last noise was like an idea sound, it sounded like when the toast comes out of a toast machine. It is about sound and a machine. And the Lion is making trouble. My favorite character is Mr. Peeps. I like when he picks him up. 6 stars (on a scale of 1 to 5).

Koko: I definitely know what string that is. I like the violin music. Mr. Peeps is real because I met him. He is really a she named Luna. Like our puppy. She came to my school.

Ben Hora (Dirs. Nicolas Biano-Levrin and Julie Rembauville / France / 2010 / 5 min.)

Koko: It feels weird.

Professor projector has a bad wire day. — Ray Ewing

Lucia: I think this is made with shadows and drawings. It was about a boy and birds and Grampa, Mom and Dad that traveled on a boat and got to a new city. There were signs that said no birds and one that said no umbrella. The mean guys capture the people because the boy lets the bird be free. The bird then saves them from jail. The family then saves all the birds, then the birds save them. It gets 3 stars.

Night Sounds (Dir. Jacob Stalhammar / Sweden / 2011 /6 min.)

Lucia: This one is a little scary because it has monsters in it. That can scare people. Many people believe in monsters. It felt kind of like a bad dream. The music is scary. Henry wouldn’t like this one.

Koko: It is an animation about a boy that was scared by monsters. He was trying to sleep. In the end a cat was playing the scary music. It is a little bit scary.

Lure (Dir. Dinko Kumanovic / Croatia/ 2011 / 3 min.)

Lucia: OH! I like this one. The man thought he got a golden fish. There was no talking in it. He loses his oars and gets a hat. Rate it 5 stars. It was very colorful.

Koko: The man is fishing all by himself. It is an animation. I like the sounds.

The Town Musicians of Bremen (Dir. Masataka Hiroyasu / Japan/ 2012/ 4 min.)

Koko: This one is made with acrylic paint and paper. There are drums and violin sounds.

Lucia: The Donkey gets stars on his belly to make a guitar. All the other animals get instruments. The rooster has a horn. The people get scared because the animals stack onto each other and they think it’s a monster. The people run away and the animals take the house. 4 stars.

Ursus (Dir. Reinis Petersons / Latvia / 2011 / 11 min.)

Lucia: This one is drawn with black and white crayons.

Koko: The Bear is sad.

Lucia: The bear jumps through a hoop with fire in a circus. All of the audience were clapping except a girl with flowers. After, the bear leaves the circus and gets on his motorcycle and drives into the woods. He takes off all his clothes and sleeps in the woods.

Koko: And there was one fairy.

Lucia: It was not a fairy, it was a bug.

Koko: It was a fairy!

Lucia: The bear wakes up from people trying to hunt him. The girl with the flowers gives one flower to the bear because he is sad. It made me feel sad, because it was a sad kind of story. 3 stars

I’m Fast (Dir. Galen Fott / USA / 2012 / 8 min.)

Lucia: It felt FAST!

Koko: FAST! It’s about a car and a train.

Lucia: Who are doing a race. It looks like he’s going backwards when they show the wheels of the train. There are things that stop each other on the way.

Koko: The car almost won but the train won.

Lucia: Because the train stopped him. It is an animation.

Koko: Definitely animation.

Lucia: The train talked but the car “RRooommmeddd.” Five stars, and don’t leave — there is more at the end.

Choir Tour (Dir. Edmunds Jansons / Latvia / 2012 / 5 min.)

Koko: This one is a little bit funny. It’s about a girl who keeps whistling. She wants them to stop and that is frustrating. The colors kind of sink and [there’s] not a lot of them. It is animation. In the end, they go “do da do da dooo do da do da doooo.”

Lucia: The girls go up to the 100 floors. The teacher uses all the buttons and the last one turns off the lights. The teacher finds them again when they sing.

The Missing Meatballs (Dir. Johan Hagelback / Sweden / 2012 / 5 min.)

Lucia: This one is 5 stars. It’s so good I want to watch it again. It is about a family of meatballs where one gets lost and a girl meatball helps it go on stage to call its parents in a weird meatball language. In the end, they just use a rope to tie each other up so they don’t get lost again.

Koko: It was made with real meatballs they just took a lot of the sauce off.


Plot Points for Kid Reviewers

Names: Lucia and Koko (Nicola) Capece.

Ages: 7 3/4 and 5 3/4.

School: Lucia: 1st grade going to 2nd in the fall. Koko: Chilmark Preschool now, kindergarten in the fall at Charter School.

Pets: Luna, a puppy (we don’t know what she is). One fish each, Water and Rainbow-Slow. Four roosters: Sawyer is a two-time Ag Fair Best Bantam winner, Rain, Pillow-Puff, and Sawyer’s Son. Twenty hens: Darth Vader, Fred & George, Toothless, Kate, Claire, Malfoy, Chickenpox, Cutie-Cute-Fluffly-Fluff, Hawk, Legolas, Pascal, Picker, Ronny 2, Ginny, Mamma, Jumper, Closed Eye, the Phoenix Cutie, and Black.

Something new you are learning: Lucia: Times, just put an X. 1 x 10 = 10, one thousand nine hundred four times one equals nine thousand nine hundred whatever I just said, it equals itself. Koko: Math and words, all those new words I’m learning.

New place you would like to explore: Koko: Jungle so I can swing on trees. Lucia: Me too. And go see cheetahs!

New food you recently tried: Koko: Banana, ha ha ha and oranges — ha ha ha. Lucia: Yeah, ha ha ha ha.

Favorite thing about Martha’s Vineyard: Lucia: Being partners with Koko and having fun. Koko: Go get pops at Menemsha with Sissy.

What do you want to do/be when you grow up: Lucia: A person who helps every kind of animal, even cheetahs and dinosaurs. Koko: You know that one, it begins with R, rockstar!

Anything else you want us to know about you: Lucia: Our favorite movie is Harry Potter. All up to five. Koko: My favorite movie is Harry Potter and Tinker Bell, all of them that we’ve seen.