Sengekontacket is closed to shellfishing, the shellfish constable announced early Friday, after 0.28 inches of rain was recorded on the rain gauge at the Hughes Hatchery. The amount surpasses the 0.2 inches of rain threshold established in the 2012 Sanitary Survey for the pond. Shellfishing there will be prohibited for at least five days, and may be reopened on Wednesday as long as another heavy rain event does not occur in the meantime. Rain is measured daily at the pond. The Sanitary Survey’s threshold is in effect during the months of July, August and September. “If we get another event, then the clock will start again,” said David Grunden, shellfish constable in Oak Bluffs. Shellfishing is also prohibited on the Edgartown side of the pond. There are 500 shellfishing licenses in the town of Oak Bluffs. For now, Mr. Grunden will be patrolling the pond to make sure no one is fishing.