Sengekontacket Pond is closed to shellfishing for five days because of heavy rainfall Oct. 1.

According to the Oak Bluffs town website, the ban is scheduled to take place from Oct. 2 to Oct. 7., depending on weather conditions.

Lagoon Pond remains open for shellfishing.

The state mandates that saltwater ponds are closed to shellfishing after heavy rainfall. The closures are a precaution against concentrations of pollutants that can be washed into ponds from roads and other sources like waterfowl.

Red flags are flown at both Sengekontacket Bridges to indicate that the pond is closed for shellfishing. Signs are also posted, noting that scalloping is still permitted.

According to the National Weather Service cooperative station in Edgartown, about two inches of rain fell during a rainstorm Oct. 1 that extended into the morning of Oct. 2. The weather station recorded 1.68 inches of rain in all of September.