Ending a prolonged period of internal tension and turmoil in the Edgartown cemetery department, the town selectmen decided this week to shift responsibility for care and maintenance of cemeteries to the highway department.

The decision follows the recommendation of an independent consultant hired to evaluate the problems. Strategic Policy Partnership, headed by Robert and Susan Wasserman in West Tisbury, issued a 13-page report earlier this summer that was highly critical of the cemetery department.

In April 2015, Edgartown cemetery superintendent Jennifer Morgan was placed on administrative leave after tension between her and one member of the cemetery commission had reached a boiling point.

The Wasserman report later found fault with all sides, concluding that the problems cannot be resolved. “The cemetery commission no longer functions as a responsible, effective board and should be abolished,” the report said in part. “There is no way to resolve the conflicts that have overtaken the commission and its staff. Some current members often let their personal agendas cloud the necessity for the commission to act as a constructive body without individuals taking things into their own hands.”

At their meeting Monday, the selectmen agreed with many of the report’s recommendations, but stopped short of abolishing the cemetery commission. Selectmen appoint the three members of the commission.

“The cemetery does need care and planning that only a committee can give,” said chairman Margaret Serpa, noting that the commission had been established more than a century ago.

None of the commissioners were present at the meeting.

Selectmen said they would endorse the report’s recommendation to move responsibilities of the cemetery superintendent to the highway department, headed by Stuart Fuller. The plan calls for adding two new labor positions to town highway, and abolishing the full-time cemetery superintendent position.

“I think overall, you’ll save money,” Mrs. Serpa said. “They’re already using Stuart’s labor for a lot of things.”

The report also recommended hiring a full-time administrative employee to handle plot sales, record keeping and other administrative tasks. Selectmen briefly discussed that recommendation, but did not commit to support it yet.

They did agree to provide administrative support for cemetery commission meetings; the Wasserman report noted that the commission’s general dysfunction has left large gaps in record keeping required by law.

“There is no evidence that meeting minutes were regularly approved in a timely manner nor is it possible to determine specific directives or actions and who voted for what,” the report said.

Town administrator Pam Dolby said the personnel decisions would require approval at a town meeting, likely not until the annual town meeting next April.

The personnel board was due to discuss the changes at their meeting Wednesday.

In other business Monday, selectmen unanimously approved a scaled-back request from a California film production company to shoot scenes for Chappaquiddick, a film about the infamous 1969 accident off the Dike Bridge involving the late Sen. Edward Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, a young campaign worker who died.

Apex Entertainment is making the film, due to be released sometime next year.

Two weeks ago the selectmen rejected a request to close Daggett Street and the Dike Bridge parking lot for extended hours over two days of shooting.

“We’ve taken everybody’s feedback to heart, we’ve really scaled back our work,” said Kai Quinlan, who represents the location manager for the film. “We’ll condense it all to one day.”

Ms. Quinlan said the new plan will include scenes on Daggett avenue before the ferry opens for business, and will not interrupt the staging line for the Chappaquiddick ferry, or any scheduled ferry trips.

The plan won the support of Edgartown police, ferry owner Peter Wells, and The Trustees of Reservations superintendant Chris Kennedy.

“You’ve done a lot of work, and we appreciate it,” Mrs. Serpa said.

Selectmen also approved a change in the alcohol license for the Edgartown Diner, from a seasonal beer and wine license, to a year round all-alcohol license.