Can you say Brrrrr? Winter has arrived. We have been so spoiled by the weather being warm that the weekend has felt a lot colder than normal. We got a little snow, lots of rain, but no wind. So now we are into the winter.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Aedan Coogan and Colton Filiault, who celebrated their day Dec. 10; Alissa Habekost, Dec. 12; Margaret Moffett, Dec. 14; and to Peter Argie and Jenna Hathaway who celebrate their day Friday, Dec. 15.

It was a big weekend in Edgartown. The weather did not dampen the Christmas spirit and things went on as planned. Donaroma’s was open for two nights and even with the never-ending rain on Saturday there were many who came and browsed through the lights. The parade was a success and people still crowded the streets and watched Santa come to Town. The restaurants were buzzing, and the Chowder Contest was crowded (congratulations to the Chowder Company which won) and many people loved the craft fairs and the specialties people display at them.

I think what I like best about Christmas in Edgartown is that everyone is in the holiday spirit and very joyful.

I had 18 relatives here with the age span from 17 months to never mind. They stayed in town and participated in a lot of the activities for kids. I was working but again this is why I love social media as I was able to enjoy the pictures of all the crafts they did and the places they visited. They had a great time and our cousins were here from Finksburg, Md. and their seven-year-old twins Olivia and Grant were able to see their cousins Sabrina and Benjamin Noble who are about the same age. They also enjoyed time with their cousins Oliver Lambert and Finley Brown. It will now be a yearly activity for all of them.

On Sunday Dec. 24, the Federated Church will hold two services, at 10:30 a.m. and 10 p.m. The morning service will include the lighting of the Candle of Joy, with scripture readings and music by the choir. The evening service will include music and readings from the Bible, telling the Christmas Story. The service concludes with the lighting of candles and the singing of Silent Night. For more information call 508-627-4421.

Time is drawing near and the shopping marathon is on. I have tried doing the online shopping but I can’t get comfortable doing it. I hate sending things back and I fear I will own a lot of things I do not need. But it works for many people.

This is the time of year I like to explain the ending of my column, “Keep the home candles burning.” When I was younger my two older brothers who were in the service, one in the Navy the other in the Marines, were away for Christmas for five years. My parents always put a white light candle in the window on the right side of the sidewalk. They told me it was to help guide my brothers home safely. So now as a sign of respect for those who are serving our country, I feel that service men and women still need to be guided home, I still shine a light in my window. It makes me feel like I am helping in some little way.

So as I have said for many years: Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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