I think we had every kind of weather this past weekend. We had wind, we had sun, we had heat then it rained and the temperature went down. I was waiting for the snow but it did not happen. Once again we live in New England.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Anthony Pereira and Micah Simmons who celebrated May 26; Ayslly Otoni, May 30; Finlee Callen, Evelyn Lavigne, Luke Nascimento and Aidan Ryan who all celebrated May 31; and to Isabella Silva who celebrates her day June 1.

Memorial Day has come and gone so let the summer begin. It was a busy one and there were many people here. By the way, we were busy over the weekend. I am looking forward to many pretty gardens and flower boxes.

I am so glad the schools still do the March to the Sea. Even after all these years have gone by, the smell of lilacs and Lily of the Valley make me remember the walk to Owen Park. While I was getting ready for school and the march my mother would go out to the yard and pick either lilacs or the lilies. It did not matter to me as I loved both the smells. Before they started putting the flowers in the box, we would all march up to the piers and throw our own bouquet in the water. But now the classes are too big and I think they are more afraid someone would go overboard. I remember looking at all the flowers floating and imagining the soldiers smiling at us.

Looking around town I have been noticing the definite signs of spring. The trees are in full bloom, the flowers are budding, the traffic is picking up, the college kids are here looking for jobs, the porta-potties are in the town parking lot, the allergies are here and almost all of the stores are open in town. Also, the ocean is starting to turn color, the ponds have more ducks and babies, Morning Glory fields are plowed and getting ready for corn, and there are more cashiers at the Stop & Shop.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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