As predicted we have now gone from frigid cold to OMG warm. Monday was okay because there was a wind but the forecast is for warmer weather. I know it makes a lot of people happy but can we try again next year for the ease in mode?

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kayra Carlos, who celebrated her day on June 17, Lucas Goncalves and Sophia Sampaio, June 18, Asher Savva, June 21 and to Christian Fisher who celebrates his day today, June 22.

In 1979, I had my horse Tomahawk at Featherstone Farm, when it was a farm. I spent most of my teenage life there and some of my adult life. But that year I met a woman named Jan who brought her horse to Featherstone to board. She was very nice and independent and knew how she wanted her horse taken care of. In 1980 when Ann Bowes decided to sell the farm, I was devastated and wondered where I would go with Tomahawk and how would we live as this was the only place we knew. Well, it turned out Jan had land by Sweetened Water Farm and she was building a barn and a home. She needed a border to keep her horse, Pegs, company and I took her up on the offer and so the adventure began.

My then husband Bob, Floyd, Jan, and I put up fences and got the barn ready and Jan and I rode the horses from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown to our new home. Yes, the barn was there and no house. It was well into the planning stage but ground was not broken. Jan and I took turns doing the horses. Jan in the morning and me in the afternoon and from there the friendship grew and grew. We would laugh, we would cry over the loss of animals, we would argue, we would make up. I chased her with hoses, she chased me with a broom. We watched many meteor showers in the early morning while watering the horses in the dark, we saw the aurora borealis, we watched the space shuttle go over, and we saw many beautiful sunrises and sunsets as we walked the dogs in the back fields. We yelled at the dogs as they tried to make friends with the skunks, we chased ducks and chickens; we made it through snow storms and rain storms, jumping on frozen buckets. It was an amazing time and something I would never change.

So, this week I am dedicating this column to my friend Janet Avery Norton. I am doing this as Jan turned 90 on June 20 and she is still a special friend. I also did not forget it this year like I always do. Happy birthday Auntie Jan and here is to many more.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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