Amateur and professional artists alike are invited to show and sell their work at the annual All Island Art Show held at the Oak Bluffs Tabernacle on August 6 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Rain date is August 7.)

The show celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Admission is free. Artist registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

“It’s a very memorable, precious Vineyard event,” said show volunteer Patti Roberts, a photographer who has won her share of prizes over the past 25 years.

Head to the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs on August 6. — Maria Thibodeau

Since 1958, the one-day non-juried exhibition has attracted hundreds of Island artists, who may hang up to five works. For many it is the first opportunity to show their work and mingle with other artists.

“Our mission is to provide a venue for amateur and emerging artists to display their work, to get their work out there so people can see it, and to talk to other artists,” said event chairman Bob Schaefer, a painter himself.

He said there usually are between 200 and 300 works on exhibit inside the Tabernacle, with another 20 to 25 portfolios on display.

“Professionals can also be a part of it, but we’re trying to keep the costs down so amateurs and emerging artists can afford it,” he said.

Artists pay a modest hanging fee of $5 per piece to show their work, which is eligible for cash prizes of $25 to $125.

Artists with portfolios of up to 30 pieces pay $30. Portfolios are not in the running for prizes but artists are free to sell their work at the show without paying commissions.

“The most an artist can pay is $55,” if they hang five works and display a portfolio, Mr. Schaefer said.

Three sets of judges review work in 11 categories that include painting, sculpture and other media. Leading Island photographer and gallery owner Alison Shaw was a photography judge when one of Ms. Roberts’s pictures won a $50 first prize last year.

Lisa Vanderhoop tends to the art. — Maria Thibodeau

“It was just the best part of my summer,” Ms. Roberts said. Category awards also include a $25 second prize and a ribbon of merit for third place. First-place winners are also eligible for the Best in Show award of $125, determined by the judges. There are numerous other special awards.

But by far the most coveted award is Most Popular — visitors to the show are encouraged to buy star-shaped stickers for 10 cents apiece and affix them to their favorites. The winner gets a ribbon (along with bragging rights).

Advance registration is available online, but the real action for artists begins early on the day of the show when they line up for registration and scope out the best spots to position their works.

“You arrive at 8 a.m. at the Tabernacle — nothing is more beautiful than that — and you’re standing in line with all these other artists with their wonderful works,” Ms. Roberts said.

Once the doors open, artists mingle with one another and with their viewers throughout the day.

“You just stand back and you meet your fellow artists; you meet other people from the Island you’ve never met before; you start to watch children walk up to your art, and neighbors,” Ms. Roberts said.

There’s also the possibility of discovering a new talent on the way up — or just some art to love for its own sake.

“My whole cottage here is filled with art I’ve bought [at the show],” Ms. Roberts said.

To pre-register for the All Island Art Show and see a list of 2017 winners, visit