Well, I think we can wonder if we are going to have a white Christmas. The week has gone from cold to freezing and as I am listening to the weather report by the time most of you read this it will be above fifty degrees. With weather this warm, it is not looking very promising. We will see.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Peter Argie and Jenna Hathaway who celebrated Dec. 15; Vieira Alves and Shamere Coke, Dec.18; Cooper Avakian, Abigail Gilley and John Lynch, Dec. 19; Kaua Abreu, Christian Ciancio and Fallon McAleavey, Dec. 20; and John Moriarty who celebrates his day Friday, Dec. 21.

Here it is the day I warned you about seven months ago. We did not expect it to go by so fast but it sure did. People are scurrying around trying to find that perfect gift. I have to admit that Amazon was my best friend this year, but I did buy a lot on-Island. And now, the dreaded wrapping. I fear I will be wrapping on Christmas Eve.

Now that it is Christmas and things are hectic, I find myself thinking of Christmases past, especially when we lived in Fall River and I was only five or six. My parents and I would go downtown, before there were malls, and go to dinner at the diner then start shopping. I can still smell the aroma as we walked into Cherry and Webb’s as everyone was trying some kind of perfume, or the train going around the tree at Woolworth’s. But I think the aroma that always stays for Christmas is the store–I can’t remember the name–where my mother bought the dried fruit for the dreaded fruitcake. My father loved it and my mom always made a few loaves. She also made the date and nut bread. The store had a very sweet smell to it and all the candies were in barrels with lots of confectioners sugar. What a mess I was by the time I left there. But they are good memories.

At this time, we also put the white light in the window on the right side of the sidewalk. My dad said it was put there to help guide my brothers’ way home from the service. One was a Marine the other a Navy man and they were both in different parts of the world. So, even though all my family is here, I still shine the white light in my window for those who are away from their families and hope it guides them home safely. This is why my column ends with “keep the home candles burning.”

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, or whatever your saying is. I wish you all happiness and love and, most of all, good health.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.

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