Wind has been the big deal for the past couple of weeks. Isn’t it March we are supposed to have a lot of wind? We have also had a lot of rain which brings me back to when the ponds are full it will be winter. We will see.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Hyago Silva, who celebrated Oct. 26; Issac Belo, Isabella Burns, Mason Burns, Noah Burns, Highley Marsh, Oct. 27; Sydney Bruguiere, Tobias Russell Schaeffer, Oct. 29; Lillie Cabral, Akhalia Lewis, Oct. 30; and to Scout Hart, who celebrated Oct. 31.

Sandy, Angie and Leanne Fisher along with their dad, Sandy, pulled off a surprise 60th birthday party at the P.A. Club for their mom and wife Lori Fisher. Lori was greeted by her grandchildren, family and friends for a night of celebration and catching up. Happy birthday Lori and here is to many more.

Halloween, what can I say. I have always loved living near the school with all the kids hyped up getting ready and that is before the candy! I was leaving for work last week and all the kids were outside in groups and I thought they were having a fire drill. But I was wrong. I drove around the corner to see the flashing blue lights warning us to slow down. I paused by Officer DeRoche and asked what was going on. He said once a month the whole school gets out and runs around the block. I thought what a wonderful thing for all of them. Now they will have to run off all the candy.

Last Tuesday night the school had their Halloween party and I saw some pretty awesome costumes. But I loved it when two little Darth Vedars went by the house followed by Chewbacca and their mom. When Chewbacca took his mask off to say hi, it turned out to be Brian Ditchfield, and I automatically went back to the day he was running to school himself for his Halloween party.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.