I am loving this weather — warm during the day and cool at night with the windows open. The skies have been beautiful; who could ask for more.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Ana Costa and Connor Graves who celebrated their day August 29; Marc Lacerda, Sept. 5; Talia Estrella and Azarah Vasconcelos, Sept. 6; Simone Albino, Jackson Munson, Sept. 7; Kahila Nascimento, Carlos Santiago dos Santos, Sept. 9; Anna Garvin, Sept. 10; and to Anne Guimaraes and Olympia Tolay Currier who celebrate their day today Sept. 11.

It was Labor Day weekend. There was a mass exit of people; I think mostly people with kids in school or college kids. but I have heard many people are staying until November or even December. There are even people who are staying for the whole winter.

I think it is a great thing and it will be interesting to see what the dynamic of the winter is going to be like. I hope that stores will be open and busier, and restaurants will have business. It will be an adjustment for all of us but I think for the good.

My street is somewhat busy now in the mornings as the teachers are now back in their classrooms preparing for a very different school year. I know they are preparing for a whole new agenda and virtual year. It is just nice to see some action at the school and hope things go well for all.

I received my email from the Edgartown Library and they have some great virtual programs. Of course you can still go there as they have an outside area to connect up to and enjoy the library.

Good luck to all the fishermen who are participating in the Derby this year. There is no striped bass in this derby but I am hearing the albacore are around and bonito is not far behind. Of course the bluefish will be the big catch this year and hopefully there will be some good size ones weighed in.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.