We have had our first cold weather. I mean real cold and needings gloves, scarf, etc. Then the wind returned and even a few snowflakes. Yes, winter has arrived.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Katherine Conover who celebrated her day Dec. 5; James Thornton, Dec. 6; Danielle Meyer, Dec. 7; Joao Araujo and Lorenzo Da Silva, Dec. 9; Aedan Coogan, Colton Fileault, Dec. 10; and to Rhian Martins, who celebrates her day Dec. 11.

It is Christmas in Edgartown weekend. There is not all the fanfare that usually comes along with this weekend that started back in 1986. The first one I worked at the Village Fair which was where the Sundog is now. It was a big decision, and it was a success. However, it started out as an old fashioned weekend and the stores decorated in that style and had cookies and cider, and the store clerks were dressed in Colonial garb. There was a town cryer announcing all the activities of the weekend. It was fun and everyone had a great time. Even though the clothing stopped after a few years and the town cryer disappeared, the celebration went on and the activities got bigger. But most of all, the people kept coming because it was a great atmosphere for5 Christmas and people were happy.

This year is quite different as is everything else. The decorations are still going up, the lighthouse has its wreath, the stores are still open with rules to follow for Covid, and social distancing. The nursery and floral store at Donaroma’s is decorated, not like other years but enough for people to enjoy, and the music will start this weekend there. You just have to turn your car radio to the right channel and listen to the music and watch the show.

Thank you to Tom Basset and his helpers. Like every year they have lit up the lights on the trees that line Main street and the light post. Even though the activities are down, the beauty is still here.

The Edgartown Library has sent out its December newsletter. They have some great programs going on virtually. They offer yoga, cooking classes — you could even learn a new language.

I hope you enjoy your weekend in Edgartown, but please be safe. Wear those masks, sanitize your hands and social distance. Keep us all safe.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.