Listening to the weather on Monday, I heard the weatherman say that Jan. 18 is usually the coldest day of the year. Well, this year it was not. It was 35 degrees when I got up and it went up to 40 degrees. I cannot help but think we may be paying for this great weather someplace, but right now I think we should just sit back and enjoy it.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Ashley Cardoso, Rafael Monico, and Danika Peters, who all celebrated Jan. 16; Emily Barbosa, Jan. 17; William Thornton, Jan. 18; Clarissa Pinto, Jan. 19; Kayo De Oliveira, Jan. 20 and Nathan Carletti, Rita Hurley, and Addison Shemit, who all celebrate their day Jan. 22.

While listening to one of the talk shows, I heard that the TV show All in the Family was celebrating its 50th anniversary. It took me back, as I said “That can’t be,” and I remembered the night it premiered. We still had our black and white TV and my Dad and I watched as this man came on and started his dialogue with his ditzy wife and rebellious daughter who was married to a meathead. I remember my Dad saying “Well, this show will go nowhere.” However, we, like so many others, watched every week seeing what Archie was going to say next. It truly is a classic TV show.

People are taking advantage of the great weather we have been having. My niece Tina and I took a drive around Katama. There were a lot of people walking the beach and jogging along Atlantic Drive, but the most amazing thing was that you can see the ocean from the road. When you drive down left fork and come to the Mattakesett condos and you look to the left, right in front of the Trustees shed, the ocean is right there. Then you turn right on Atlantic Drive and you can see the ocean and the tower that is offshore.

Mother Nature sure has a way of rearranging things, no matter how hard you fight her. I was telling Tina about the bunker that was right off the beach. The class of 1969 had senior pictures taken standing on it and I remember my former mother-in-law and Tina’s grandmother telling me that they used to have beach parties and bonfires in it. Now you cannot even see the tip of it. 

The rest of the ride was looking at all the new building going on around town, and seeing the workers sprucing up fences and outside normal wear and tear on houses, while the weather is so nice. 

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.