What a week it has been. Lots of snow and ice. Now the rain is melting the snow. Listening to the weather for the week, it seems things are not going to calm down for a few more days.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Mateus De Assis and Brayann Silva, who celebrated Feb. 15; Daniel Bortolotto, Kenner Neves, Feb. 16; Brielle Cortez, Alexandra DeMello, Feb. 17; and to Harlow Hannah and Caleb Lucier, who celebrate their day Feb. 19.

While the weather makes a lot of people stay home, there are those who love the snow and were so happy to have their skis out and sleds. Sweetenwater Farm, the most popular place in Edgartown to sled, was filled with many happy faces. I saw pictures of kids on Facebook and of parents at the top of the hill giving the kids a nudge, while other parents waited at the bottom of the hill filming the run. I smiled when I saw Brooke Avakian, with husband Derek and their kids Cooper and Lilly, thinking it was not that long ago that I saw Derek and brother Alex being pushed by their parents Bob and Gail on the same hill. Oh, if that hill could talk it would have some tales to tell.

Television has been a best friend to many these months. I am a TV addict and always have been. Mine is going all the time but I must say that it is for the noise. It can be going but I have no idea what I am watching. But on snowy days Netflix and Hulu have been great company. I see many posts of people binge-watching a program. I have watched a few but there are so many I get overwhelmed and cannot make a decision and go back to regular TV. I think my favorites were Queen’s Gambit and Reign. But I look forward to being able to go outside and do some yard work.

The birds have been a great joy to watch, especially with the weather. I have had a few different kinds of birds, but I do not get blue birds and pine warblers like some of my friends. I love my cardinals and I love watching the chickadees flying in and out of the feeders. I ordered a warmer for the bird bath as I was watching the birds looking for water. Whenever I put water out it froze in an instant. The weather will surely get warmer now that I have made the order.

I am always looking for news so it you have something to report — an engagement, a birth in the family, a special anniversary — please email me and share your good news. It will help people smile.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.