As I am typing this it is 5 p.m. and the sun is out. It is a no sweatshirt day and the flip flops almost came out. However, with our weather we could be wearing flip flops today and snow boots tomorrow. So, we will take the weather while we have it.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Mackenzie Duart, who celebrated March 20; Henry Jackson March 22; Zara Pencheva, March 23; Aidden Dunnebier, Angel Petyoshin and April Petyoshin, March 25; and to Alicia Pereira, who celebrates her day today March 26.

It is an end to an era on Robinson Road as our neighbors and friends the Look family. They have sold their home and will be leaving the Island. Ralph grew up with all the kids: Dee Dee, Billy, Chris, Joyce and David. They did not always live directly across the street but on the Edgartown/West Tisbury Road. But they could get on Robinson Road through their backyard and the field that was there. In their later years, Huck and Marge built their dream home in that field and Joyce had her house in the back part of the land. So, this has been their home over 60 years. We all had our own lives, but we always knew we were there for one another. I wish them luck in their new adventures, and we will sure miss them.

My crocuses are in full bloom and as I was looking around the yard, I noticed the grass is getting a little greener. Of course, this makes me smile but then I realized that it will not be long that we will be mowing. It seems like I just put the mower away and got the snow shovel out. But I am not giving in, the snow shovel stays out till May because if I put it away any sooner I we will surely get snow.

Zack Waller is here for a couple of weeks visiting and celebrating his Dad, Steven’s birthday along with his mother Pat. Zack and his partner Ellen have just moved back to the United States after his job in England. Zack will be working in Washington, while Ellen attends Georgetown University.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.