I am sure I am not the only one who has said this, but I think the months have are jumping ahead of each other. We are getting March winds in April, April showers in May and who knows what June will bring. We are getting some much needed rain, but the winds can leave now.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kevin Castro and Nicholas Rabeni, who celebrated May 2; Adeline Chandler, May 3; Hector Oliveira, May 5; Allicy Lima, May 6; and to Ruby Dello Russo and Samuel Pinto, who celebrate their day today May 7.

Bert Fischer shared pictures on Monday of the Chilmark School children wrapping the May pole. I was glad to see some traditions still happening. When I lived on Skiff avenue in Vineyard Haven, my school friends and I would bring May baskets to our neighbors. We were so proud of our decorated boxes and we took canned goods from our parents’ pantry and cookies or whatever we could find and put it on the box. Then we would put them on the neighbors’ steps, ring the bell or knock on the door and hide in the shrubs, where we would crouch and wait for them to find the box. We took delight in watching them smile as they carried their boxes in the house. I am not sure how our parents felt when they found out we took their supply of canned goods and gave them away, but they never said anything.

The Hopes had a beautiful dogwood tree that always bloomed just in time for May Day. So, we would sneak around the tree and take the blooms and put them in the boxes, along with the canned goods. Of course, we put some in Mrs. Hope’s box, too. When she saw them, I still don’t know if she was angry or just disappointed, but then the smile came to her face. Even after all these years, I feel somewhat guilty picking those blooms, but the smiles always made the guilt go away.

When the Edgartown Library opens, I hope you get a chance to go into the children’s room and see the artwork by Margot Datz. She has captured the Coral Sea, and the Caribbean merging with the Pacific Ocean, with the amazing details of all the undersea creatures. It is spectacular and I am sure the children will learn a lot from this mural.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.