As per usual the warm weather has arrived quickly. This is the weather I like, you can wear long sleeves or short sleeves, long or short pants, and still be comfortable. I still watch for cooler weather as it is only the middle of May and mother nature throws in another cold spell sometimes.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Mateo De Oliveira and Owen Ditchfield, who celebrated May 15; Joao Nunes, Keira Welch, May 16; Bianca Nunes, May 17; Pedro Alves, Summer Cimeno, Alexia Ribeiro, May 18; and to Jonas De Oliveira and Salomao Marcal, who celebrated their day May 20.

Things are starting to look promising. The signs are coming down, no masks outside with social distancing, restaurants can open with more capacity. The Ag Fair will take place this year but the Fourth of July parade and fireworks are canceled. I have no problem with that as we have worked so hard to get where we are. We all know that the parade is a very crowded and if you wanted to social distance there is no way in this event. I am sure we will find a way to celebrate, and we will have a bigger celebration next year.

Our lives have changed a lot since this pandemic came into our lives. I have a feeling someone is going to come out with a pandemic diet. Many have put on a few extra pounds, including myself, since we have been somewhat house-bound. People chose not to eat out, so they put their cooking talents to work and tried many new recipes and even old ones. It was great food, but it had to go somewhere and mine went to my hips. But now we are active again, so I hope that helps.

We even changed our outlook on hygiene. Pat Tyra sent me a note about Edgartown resident Robin Harper, who was in the New York Times, saying she changed her shower habits from once a day to once a week. She is not the only one as I have read many other people doing the same thing. Some of us remember that bath night was Saturday night if you needed it or not, and people are finding it better on your skin. The bath of course was taken after the Saturday night favorite hot dogs and beans and watching Sing Along with Mitch.

Memorial Day weekend is coming; it has so many meanings to everyone. But it is one of the busiest Island weekends and everyone is scurrying to get things done before everyone arrives. I hope you all get some down-time and get to relax and remember those who made it all possible.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.