Now that we are starting to get some warm weather, the wind has picked up a little but all the sun and blue skies have made people very happy. Even the night skies are beautiful. And with it warmer, you don’t mind sitting out and watching the stars.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Mabel DeRoche who celebrated on April 9; Madelyn Crowell and Hunter Gilkes on April 10; and to Francisco Candido and Alyssa Moreira, who celebrated their day on April 11.

This past weekend was awesome for weather and the sounds of spring were all around. It was a great day to work in the yard. I did and found out which muscles I had not used all winter. But it was great to get those leaves that were hiding in the corners and see that the grass is getting greener — which reminds me to get the lawn mower serviced.

But the best part was hearing the red-winged blackbirds singing. The park was filled with people of all ages playing soccer, the kids on the swings and the ping of the baseball bat. Later I took the dog for a walk and even though I am not the first one to hear them, I finally heard the pinkletinks. It still amazes me how the little sounds can make you happy.

People are coming into the nursery because the spring bulbs are flourishing. It is so nice to have color around us and the flowers certainly are making us smile. However, people are trying to buy the summer annuals and it is too early. The last frost date is May 15 but we always say Memorial Day. The herbs are also out and, of course, there is kale and spinach.

Next week is school vacation. I know that the sophomore class from the charter school is going to Italy and the Minnesingers are headed to Ireland. I wish them safe travels and hope they have a great time. Such a great adventure for all.

Like Christmas, Easter has many meanings for people. I always remember the late Reverend John Schule as he started his sermon on Easter Sunday. He looked out at the crowded congregation, and said “remember, we are here every Sunday at the same time.” However, you spend it, I hope you all have a special day.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.