We are still on the weather roller coaster. We were doing well with temperatures going up; now we are going down a bit. Cold weather and wind on the ocean keep you in your winter jacket.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kylee Brasefield, Isabella Florio and Riley Kaeka, who all celebrated April 17; Anna Alves and Olivia McCormick on April 18; Isadora Cordeiro, Maya Nascimento, Icaro Nunes and Jackson Wheeler on April 20; Filho Oliveira on April 21; and to Hayconny Da Silva, Edmund Cottle, Janaya Manning and Gabryelly Ribeiro who all celebrate their day on April 22.

Katherine Waller and her parents Zack and Ellen Waller arrived on Easter Sunday. Katherine, who is four months old, was born in England and this is her first plane ride, first time in Boston, first ferry ride, first time to see the ocean and first time to see her grandparents Steve and Pat Waller. They will be here for a few days and then traveling to visit family before they come back to spend a little time before going back to England.

I got to meet Katherine and hold her. She is as cute as her pictures and a very happy baby. I am sure Pat and Steve will enjoy every minute they get to spend with her.

I don’t know how we ever lived without phones and social media. As I reported last week, the Minnesingers were traveling to Ireland. They arrived safely on Sunday and did some touring. On Monday they sent a link to their Facebook page and we could watch their live concert at Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny. I had chills and thought what a great opportunity for these young ladies and gentlemen — something they will remember for the rest of their lives. Hopefully they will post more of their concerts for us to enjoy.

Neighborhoods are starting to come to life. Pat Rodgers came in to say hello as she and John were here for a few days. My neighbors Harry and Judy Stotz were here for the first part of the weekend to get their house going for the summer. It is always great to see the lights on.

Town is getting its spring uplift. The trees are budding and the Kwanzan cherry trees are starting to bloom in the nursery. It won’t be long before they are in full bloom in town.

Juniper, which is now part of Donaroma’s, had their open house Friday night. Juniper is located behind Alchemy in town, and they had a nice showing. Beth Smith is one of the artists who has her paintings on display, and there are other artists with their creations displayed and for sale there. Of course there will be fresh flowers so if you get a chance, drop in and look around.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.