It is the second week of November and my heat has only been on a couple of times and the windows have been open. The sweaters are still in the drawer as I am still in long sleeve T-shirts and the sandals are still on.

But wait: it is New England and I might need my heavy coat and boots next week. We will see.

Happy Birthday to all celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Emma Braillard and Jamison DeMello, who celebrated on Nov. 5; Hannah McCormick and Alice Neias on Nov. 7; Sophia Dos Santos and Michael Leahy on Nov. 8; and to Layana Borski, Sienna Crowell and Demyen Heil, who all celebrated on Nov. 9.

Reality is about to set in. At Donaroma’s, we got our Christmas trees on Thursday. The greens come in next week and the poinsettias arrive a few days after. I know: people ask about Thanksgiving. Well, in between all the decorating, turkey displays are out and centerpieces are being made for the Thanksgiving table. Here we go, juggling the holidays.

Our sympathies go out to Jeff Norton’s family. Mr. Norton passed away this past week and left a great legacy behind. He was a lawyer, town moderator, mentor and friend.

Dan Larsen posted he was a great man and had a great sense of humor. That made me giggle. Mr. Norton was the lawyer for Ralph and his family. I only knew him through a few office visits. When I started at the bank, he would come in with a serious face and give us that look that only he could give. I did not know him well and when he came in, I prayed he would go to another teller.

One day he came in and headed for my station. We made our greetings and I started the transaction. He made a comment to me that I reacted to promptly. When I looked at him, he had that “Mr. Norton smirk” on his face. It finally came to me he was taking great pleasure in riding me. That day, I knew he was not the tormenting man he was trying to seem to be. We had many transactions together after that and I did not have to pray he would go to another teller. Rest well, Mr. Norton. You will be missed.

I hope you all are adjusting to the time change. I don’t know who feels it the most, the animals or humans. My animals all look at me like I am starving them because they are not fed at the right time. I try to go out at dusk and dawn with the dog so as to not to meet up with Mr. Skunk. Of course that is an hour off but it is nice that it is so light in the morning. It is a lot easier to wake up.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.