I saw a few snowflakes on Saturday and even though there was no accumulation, it finally felt like December. The wind has been persistent which makes it feel colder and of course the dampness, but we have been lucky. I found a few more people that felt like me: that it is time for blanket and sweater weather.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Colton Filiault, who celebrated Dec. 10; Isabella Francis-Espino, Dec. 11; and to Benjamin Fuller who celebrated Dec. 12.

Christmas in Edgartown came and went so fast. Even though the weather was a little challenging, it did not stop people from coming and enjoying the weekend.

My neighbor Dana Vickey and four of her lady friends were here and I noticed the Stotz’s household was lit up. My street was busy because of the craft fair at the school. On Sunday there was the road race with families, which was fun to watch starting off.

I made a mistake on Friday night and thought the Minnesingers concert started at 6:30. My mistake turned into something of a benefit. My niece Debbie was with me and we decided to drive around town and look at the lights. We drove down Main street, which always gleams with lights, thanks to Tom Bassett and Dan Kaeka. They carry on the tradition Tommy’s father Gordon started many years ago: to put the lights on the trees and make sure the electricity works. The restaurants were busy with lines out the doors as people had just come from the lighting of the lighthouse.

As we drove down North Water street you could not help but notice that the almost-full moon cooperated with the lighting and was shining bright over Chappy. I am sure the crowd enjoyed it.

The concert was fabulous. I felt that if I closed my eyes and listened, I would never have thought that this group of singers is under the age of 18. Abigail Chandler, the Minnesingers’ director, picked out beautiful selections for the holiday concert and the audience certainly enjoyed it.

If you are able to, go into the Old Whaling Church sometime and enjoy the work of Margot Datz. Over the past 10 years she has worked and studied different enhancements that she could do in the church. It is indescribable. Her work is amazing and because of the dimensions she has painted, you would think that the church has wood pillars and molding. Job well done, Margot. People will enjoy it for years to come.

Even though Donaroma’s did not have the big event, the walk-through was successful. Lots of people young and old went through. I think some have a tradition to get an ornament from our selection, which is different every year. The outside lights, with the Town trees and the music show, kept many entertained. It was a good weekend and I hope you got to enjoy some of it.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.