I missed it! I, like many, am spending the holidays with my family. I am in Swansea and there was not one flake of snow. It is very cold but no precipitation. Oh, well. Next year I will wish for a white Christmas.

I will include birthdays when I get back. I came prepared with my laptop but failed to pack the charger so I am pecking away on my iPad. But I do send big balloons to all who celebrated their day this past week.

Before I left it was great to see JJ Polleys home for the holidays from his studies at Brigham Young University in Idaho. JJ looks great and fit. He tells us his walk to school is quite full of hills but he is happy there and the walk does not bother him.

I love watching the Christmas magic through the eyes of children. They are so wound up for days and ask all about Santa and his fairly- new helper Jethro, the elf on the shelf. He hides in different places in the house during the month of December to keep an eye on the kids and he reports to Santa if they are behaving. The places he hides in are amazing but the fun is in watching the kids find him in the mornings. You never know where he is going to be.

Now that Christmas is over, we look forward to the new year and we start with all the changes. Diet, being neater, exercising more, cleaning out that closet. It is with great intentions to get it done but the main thing is to keep healthy.

This column is short this week because if you could see me typing you would understand. But I want to wish you all a very happy, healthy new year. Please be safe and drive with care.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.