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Lucy L. Costa Loved the Color Red

Lucy L. Costa, a resident of Windemere Nursing Home and formerly of Woodside Village for 20 years, died on Sunday, April 7. She was 79.

John Cavallo Jr Was Active in Many Clubs

John Cavallo Jr. of Goodyear, Ariz., died March 25. He was 77.

Eileen O'Donnell Coogan, Loved to Do Good

Eileen Marie O’Donnell Coogan, a longtime resident of Mount Kisco, died on March 16 at the Norwalk Hospital after a long and brave battle with...

Charles "Dan" Caley, 3rd Was Humble and Devout

Charles Francis Caley 3rd, Danny to his mother and siblings, Dan to the rest, aged 80, died on March 14 at the home he shared with his wife of 57...

Jimmy Combs Jr., 27, Was a Beacon of Light

James S. (Jimmy) Combs Jr. of Edgartown died unexpectedly in the early morning hours of Dec. 14, 2017, while visiting with friends and family in Ohio.

Barbara Cottle Child

Barbara Cottle Child died on Sunday, March 3, in Memphis, Tenn.

Barry Carroll Led Life of Adventure

Barry Joseph Carroll of Lake Forest, Ill., and East Chop died peacefully on Dec. 23 after a brief illness.

Eileen Cryer Rooted For Home Team

Eileen T. Cryer, a longtime resident of Randolph and a native of Martha’s Vineyard, died on Jan. 25.

Jim Cage III, Veteran and Police Officer

James C. Cage III (Jim) of Oak Bluffs, 73, died on Jan. 19 at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital from respiratory failure.