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Judith Hatch-Perkins, 79

Judith (Judy) Hatch-Perkins, formerly of Edgartown, died Dec. 19.

John Thomas Hughes, 99

John Thomas Hughes, an Oak Bluffs native and leading pioneer in lobster research, died peacefully on Nov. 28.

Kent Allen Healy, 89

West Tisbury select board member Kent Allen Healy died peacefully on Oct. 31, surrounded by his family and friends.

Donald Hill, 94

Donald Hill died Oct. 29 at his beloved home in Oak Bluffs.

Donald F. Hill, 94

Donald F. Hill died peacefully on Oct. 29 at his home in Oak Bluffs.

Alton L. Hardaway Jr., 72

Alton L. Hardaway Jr. died on August 9 at his home in Oak Bluffs.

Linda Chase Marvin Hastie, 82

Linda Chase Marvin Hastie died peacefully at home on Sept. 10 after a long illness, surrounded by family and friends.

Dorothy Howard service

A graveside service for Dorothy Ormsbee Tilton Howard will be held Saturday, Sept. 25, at 1 p.m. at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Oak Bluffs.

Dr. John C. Hartley, 70

Dr. John C. Hartley died on August 30. He was 70 and was a well-known Edgartown dentist.