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John Daniel Hawke Jr., 88

John Daniel Hawke Jr., an accomplished lawyer, died at his home in Washington, D.C. on Jan. 3.

Gary K. Hart, 78

Gary K. Hart died of pancreatic cancer at home in Sacramento on Jan. 27.

Robert Carter Hayden Jr., 84

Robert Carter (Bob) Hayden Jr., who was dedicated to the research, recording and teaching of African-American history, died on Jan. 23.

Judith Hatch-Perkins, 79

Judith (Judy) Hatch-Perkins, formerly of Edgartown, died Dec. 19.

John Thomas Hughes, 99

John Thomas Hughes, an Oak Bluffs native and leading pioneer in lobster research, died peacefully on Nov. 28.

Kent Allen Healy, 89

West Tisbury select board member Kent Allen Healy died peacefully on Oct. 31, surrounded by his family and friends.

Donald Hill, 94

Donald Hill died Oct. 29 at his beloved home in Oak Bluffs.

Donald F. Hill, 94

Donald F. Hill died peacefully on Oct. 29 at his home in Oak Bluffs.

Alton L. Hardaway Jr., 72

Alton L. Hardaway Jr. died on August 9 at his home in Oak Bluffs.