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Micah Monroe Moffett, 50

Micah Monroe Moffett died peacefully on March 18 at the Medical Center of Aurora, Colo. after a long battle with illness.

Patricia Campos Manzoni, 78

Patricia Campos Manzoni of Easton died on March 7 after an extended illness.

Michael Mason, 83

Michael Mason died peacefully in his sleep on Feb. 15 with a book in his lap.

Michael M. Mason, 83

Michael M. Mason of Woodside Village in Oak Bluffs died unexpectedly on Feb. 15 at his home.

Sheppie Spigner Moore, 98

Sheppie Spigner Moore of Oak Bluffs died peacefully on Jan. 16, two days after her 98th birthday.

Susan H. Markwica, 70

Susan H. Markwica died peacefully on Feb. 8.

Nina Meyer, 85

Nina Meyer, a longtime resident of Edgartown and Boston, died on Dec. 5, 2022 after a bout with dementia.

Markwica Services Postponed

Services for Frank M. Markwica have been postponed.

Frank M. Markwica, 73

Frank M. Markwica of Edgartown died unexpectedly on Dec. 4, 2022.