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Funeral Mass for Donald A. Berube Jr.

A funeral mass for Donald A. Berube Jr. will be held at St. Elizabeth’s Church in Edgartown on Friday, Nov. 25.

Sandra Bayne, 84

Sandra Bayne, a summer resident of The Oval in Oak Bluffs, died on Oct. 22 in Whiting, N.J.

Sandra Carmichael Bayne, 84

Sandra Carmichael Bayne, a summer resident of Oak Bluffs, died on Oct. 22 at her home in Whiting, N.J.

Craig R. Browne, 70

Craig R. Browne died peacefully on Sept. 1 after a long illness.

Rebecca Wild Baxter, 75

Rebecca Wild Baxter of Edgartown died peacefully on Feb. 5 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Fla.

Catherine Roselyn Kerr Browne, 90

Catherine Roselyn Kerr Browne of Vineyard Haven died peacefully on July 20.

Margaret Mary Buttimer-Vaughan, 69

Margaret Mary (Margo) Buttimer-Vaughan died on July 30 at her home in Edgartown.

Eugene Robert Barbato, 93

Eugene (Gene) Robert Barbato of Palm Beach, Fla. and Edgartown died on June 19 in Florida.

Eileen Rose Walsh Bradley, 91

Eileen Rose Walsh Bradley of Skillman, N.J. died on July 16.