Camp Ground Shines for Grand Illumination
Chloe Reichel

The Camp Ground lit up for the 148th Grand Illumination Wednesday. Before the lanterns were turned on, crowds packed the Tabernacle for a concert by the Vineyard Haven Band and a community sing.

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Grand Old Time at Illumination Night

The 148th Grand Illumination is tonight at the Camp Ground in Oak Bluffs. At sundown, the gingerbread houses will glow with the light of thousands of lanterns, part of a summertime tradition dating to the 1860s. Events begin at 7:30 p.m.

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Grand Illumination Night

Grand Illumination Night has been a summer staple on Martha's Vineyard since 1869, when the first event was held in honor of the visiting governor of Massachusetts. After sundown on the third Wednesday in August, lanterns of all kinds cast a magical glow over the charming gingerbread cottages at the Martha's Vineyard Camp Ground.

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Paper Lanterns Light the Way to Oak Bluffs Tonight
Sara Brown

Tonight gingerbread houses will be aglow once again for Grand Illumination Night, a cherished Camp Ground tradition for almost 150 years. The action gets underway at 7:30 p.m., and the first lantern is lit at dusk.

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Grand Illumination Night Lights Up Camp Ground
Mike Kotsopoulos

CJ Rivard compares Illumination Night to Christmas Day. The bright lights. The excitement. The tradition.

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Bright Lights, Cottage City: Plugging In For Illumination Night
Alexandra Bullen Coutts

Life in the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association (informally called the Camp Ground) is a unique experience, and never more so than on Illumination Night. Each August the event draws thousands of visitors, as residents adorn their cottages with lanterns in a tradition dating back to 1868.

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Leaving the Lantern On, Lit by Memories
Sydney Bender

Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth, two outs, one ball, two strikes. At this point, it could be anyone’s game. Little League bragging rights are on the line.

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Tradition Lights the Way at Grand Illumination Night
Meg Robbins
Brightly colored paper lanterns hanging from gingerbread houses were turned on in unision, and by 8:51 p.m. Wednesday the Camp Ground was aglow.
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Lanterns at the Ready, It's Time for Illumination Night

Come dusk tonight, the Victorian gingerbread houses at the Camp Ground in Oak Bluffs will be a magical fantasy land, aglow with light from lanterns.

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Tradition Lights Up the Camp Ground

On August 20, the Camp Ground will turn into a fantasy land of Victorian gingerbread houses and hundreds of paper lanterns hanging from porches. Welcome once again to the Grand Illumination.

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