A Volunteer's Gratitude

The end of summer 2019 saw my husband and I planning our daughter’s wedding in September 2020 at the West Chop Club.

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Tick Report

It seems strange to be writing about ticks in the middle of the Covid-19 surge, but I have a couple of things I would like to pass on as well as a request for help.

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Invisible Enemy

I see a bunch of numbers of `confirmed positive tests results` on the Island for Covid-19 reported in the Island press.

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Kneeling for Justice, Equality

I live in Chilmark and have been part of a vigil that has taken place every morning at 10:30 since June 5 at Beetlebung Corner.

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Port Council Openings

Robert Huss, the Oak Bluff port council member and George Balco, the Tisbury port council member have served their port towns and the Island of MV since 2005 and 2009 respectively.

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Seeking Racial Equality

The gate to racism that was swung wide open more than four years ago by the now-outgoing president unleashed a latent torrent of hate born in Virginia four centuries ago.

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Still Giving

Ever since the death of Tony Meyer in 2009, a group of his friends have gathered from across the country in South Carolina for an October golf tournament.

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Market Matters

To all the dedicated employees at Cronig’s Market — thank you. We all wish you well.

Shirley Kennedy

Vineyard Haven

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Grammar Rules

In your editorial “Keeping it Small” in the Nov. 6 Gazette, you wrongly assert that Tip O’Neill’s maxim “All politics is local” is ungrammatical. In fact, it is perfectly correct. As Bryan Garner notes in his authoritative Garner’s Modern English Usage, “As with similar ics words denoting disciplines of academics and human endeavor, politics is treated as singular when it refers to the field itself (all politics is local) and as plural when it refers to a collective set of political stands (her politics were too mainstream for the party’s activists).”

David Dollenmayer

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Swift Response

On behalf of our families, we extend grateful thanks to the Chilmark fire department.

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