Jazz Has the Blind Leading the Lineup

If you weren’t one of the lucky 200 who showed up at the Tabernacle to see the first and likely-to-be annual Martha’s Vineyard Jazz Festival, then you missed out. It was the last event of the summer to be held at the Camp Ground but certainly not the least.

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Singer-Songwriter Greg Brown Will Perform at Union Chapel

Popular American singer-songwriter Greg Brown will perform at Oak Bluffs’ historic Union Chapel on Wednesday, July 16, at 8 p.m.

He is nationally known as a familiar presence on Prairie Home Companion and for his deep, thundering voice, unpretentious musical vision, humor and warmth. Fellow Iowan Bo Ramsey will open the concert and continue to play with Mr. Brown.

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Feel the Power of Song and Film With Festival’s Pete Seeger Story

After logging many long hours on the couch and mindlessly devouring one too many buttery bags of popcorn, the votes are in. No, not for the Oscars, but for the official selections of the eighth annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. The brains behind the wintertime event are so excited about the roster they have decided to host a special kick-off screening more than a week before the festival officially begins.

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Johnny Raises Cash to Spread in the Garden in West Tisbury

In the middle of a neighborhood of strangers sat an empty lot filled with garbage. The lot looked like no place for a garden. But one day, a young girl with a handful of bean seeds and nowhere to plant them took a chance and cleared a small space among the garbage. She dug into the soil and dropped in her seeds.

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Music and Fashion Mixed With Vineyard Passion


It may not quite measure up to Fashion Week in New York city, but Saturday evening will find a back alley of Main street Vineyard Haven temporarily transformed into a catwalk complete with leggy models, elegant couture and dazzling jewelry. Outside Che’s Lounge — the coffee shop known for good eats, an excellent cup of joe and a rockin’ weekend music scene — an outdoor fashion show will begin at 5 p.m. and the proceeds will go to benefit local musicians.

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Island Community Chorus Sings Americana and More

The Island Community Chorus will open the 2008 season of programs at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs with a concert at 8 p.m. this Saturday, July 5.

The chorus of more than 100 voices, under the direction of Peter Boak and accompanied by L. Garrett Brown at the Tabernacle’s nine-foot Steinway piano, will present a program of music designed for the holiday weekend, music whose variety pays tribute to the richness of the American experience.

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Love and War and Grace Potter: Musing on Rock’s Nocturnal Tour

Grace Potter is two hours into her summer tour and she’s already laughing. The woman who throws herself at a Hammond B-3 organ with a force that can only be described as feral retains her cheerful sense of rock and roll social awareness.

“Yeah, we’ve got a new vehicle,” she reports. “A sprint-er.”

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Roots Icon Taj Mahal Hooks Pop Collaborators for Album

The laugh is still that down low rumble of thunder and a box car about to go out of service, and blues-folk legend Taj Mahal laughs a lot. It’s not just a survival strategy for the guitarist who burst into public consciousness in the sixties, but more the reflection of a love affair with life that has informed the roots icon’s journey through the shifting tides of American music over the last four decades.

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Newfoundland’s Great Big Sea Plays it the Way it Was, But Better

“Newfoundland is a beautiful, dangerous place,” laughs Great Big Sea’s Sean McMann, about the locale that forged his band’s sound. Part shanty reel, part chiming pop, part sweeping folk, ten albums in, the little band from the island that was a shipping and fishing outpost between Mother England and Canada has let its isolation protect their individuality.

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Cruz Lines: Entrain Original Warms Up Music Fans From Hawaii to Vineyard

Touring musicians are supposed to say they like the venue they’re about to play.

John Cruz and the Island?

You can’t shut him up.

“Yeah, I was in Amherst at University of Massachusetts and a friend I gigged with always summered there and told me the Vineyard was perfect for my music,” the Hawaiian born performer songwriter said by phone this week from Oahu.

“Two things kept me there. One, I fell in love with the place and, two, the bonito, man. I fell hook, line and sinker for fishing bonito and the derby.

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