Songwriting Festival Is a Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Vineyard
Vivian Ewing
The Martha’s Vineyard Songwriting Festival runs from Sept. 16 to 20, the first two days in Boston and the following dates on the Vineyard.
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Alan Cumming Embraces His Own Salon
Heather Hamacek
Alan Cumming, the award winning actor, best selling author and activist, will appear Thursday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m. at the Old Whaling Church, part of the inaugural Martha's Vineyard Concert Series.
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Heeding the Siren's Call, Katie Mayhew Is Back in the Spotlight
Mike Kotsopoulos
One of the Vineyard’s brightest stars returned to the Tabernacle stage Wednesday. West Tisbury vocalist Siren Mayhew, formerly Katie, performed with The Cape Symphony.
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For Livingston Taylor, Hospitality Is Heartbeat of Performance
Mike Kotsopoulos

When Livingston Taylor performs at Edgartown’s Old Whaling Church this Saturday, July 2, he says he will feel right at home. After all, this summer marks his 48th year playing on Martha’s Vineyard.

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A Warm Welcome for Willy Mason from the Hometown Crowd
Steve Myrick

Musical hero Willy Mason played to his roots on Martha’s Vineyard Saturday evening, headlining a free concert.

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If It's Taps, It Must be Edson Rodgers
Remy Tumin
The professional trumpet player, Edgartown resident and 30-year career U.S. Navy band member (now retired) is a ubiquitous presence at parades, weddings and every military funeral on the Vineyard.
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In Music, Like Life, Past Is Always Present for Mike Benjamin
Alex Elvin

Mike Benjamin started his musical career playing in Harvard Square and in the subways of Boston. He came to the Vineyard for a summer, planning to go to back to the city. The Vineyard-based Mike Benjamin Band is now often booked every weekend from May to October.

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Forever Frolicking in the Autumn Mist
Derek Schwartz

Peter Yarrow does not believe in the sanctity of anniversaries. Still, even Mr. Yarrow cannot ignore the fact that his concert at the Whaling Church this Sunday marks 45 years to the day since Woodstock 1969.

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Island Oasis Is Source of Creativity
Katie Ruppel
While teaching piano, young Ernie Dewing’s grandmother made him a deal: one classical sonatina for every Rolling Stones song. “I bought one of the first synthesizers ever made back in 1972,” Mr. Dewing said, sitting down at a keyboard in his recording studio on Chappaquiddick.
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Giving Voice to a Restless Soul, Island Singer Makes Peace With His True Self
Holly Gleason
Willy Mason is sitting on a barstool in a London pub, smoking a cigarette and considering the last decade. He takes a pull on his beer and thinks about what all the buzz — tours with Radiohead, collaborations with the Chemical Brothers and duets with KT Tunstall and Rosanne Cash — has really meant to the young bard now closing in on 30.
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