Vineyard Gazette

Marine Hospital Sale Verified

Verification of the sale of the Marine Hospital, Vineyard Haven, to the Boston Seaman’s Friend Society, as reported by the Gazette last week, was made early this week by the General Services Administration in Washington, D. C. The price was $18,000.

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Hospital Sale Impends

The sale of the U.S. Marine Hospital property, so-called, in Vineyard Haven, to the St. Pierre School, by the Boston Seaman’s Friend Society, appears to be in the process of becoming effective at the present time according to Henry Corey, Oak Bluffs attorney, who is handling the legal part of the transaction for the New Bedford Institution for Savings.

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St. Pierres Would Offer Summer School Facilities

The possibility of an active and duly accredited summer school on the Island, together with provisions for private tutoring by local teachers, has been proposed by Mr. and Mrs. J. Raoul St. Pierre, of the St. Pierre School Inc. of Boston and the Vineyard. Brought before the Island superintendent of schools, Charles E. Downs, and the regional school principal, Charles A. Davis, the proposal is being explored.

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Main Street Changes

Vincent’s Paper Store in Vineyard Haven, for generations a landmark at the corner of Main and Center streets, is about to be moved to the Call Block, so called, the location of the summer shop known as Ken-Ward. Anthony Oliver, managing owner, announced the date for removal this week, as of Dec. 1. It was no surprise locally, as the new location has been in process of being readied for some weeks.

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Old Landmarks

Among the old landmarks of Vineyard Haven, the most interesting one is the old mill; first built “up island,” then moved to Edgartown, and finally to Vineyard Haven to the spot where Association Hall now stands. Later, it was purchased by Dea. Tristram Luce and moved to the land where Capt. Owen Tilton’s house now stands. In 1883 it was purchased by Col. Carey and retained its individuality till 1886, when Major Carey had it moved to its present position; and it’s now a component part of the Major’s cottage, - and the old mill has lost its identity.

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Martha’s Vineyard Hospital has Brilliant Opening; First Operation is Successfully Performed
The afternoon of Thursday, June 9, will be pleasantly remembered by the friends of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital who visited and inspected it on that occasion. The committee had the latchstring out and about three hundred visitors were met at the door of the offices and committees whose members have worked hard and inspired others to work. Many brought donations of tea, coffee, sugar, flour, cereals, potatoes and other food supplies, which were placed on and about a long table on the side piazza.
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