One of the last relics of the Hot Tin Roof is for sale. Approximately 240 feet of an iconic mural painted by Margot Datz in the early 1990s is...

The Viet Nam War, the 10- part epic documentary by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, is currently telling for the country, in segments that are equal parts...

Tuesdays in the Newsroom, the Gazette’s popular speaker series, is back for the season starting Tuesday, Oct. 10 with a special event at Featherstone...

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival has received a three-year grant to create a filmmaking department.

Figures. I finally get to taco night and it’s the last one of the season.

A few years ago, Basia Jaworska was working on a screenplay about her parents, who lived through World War II in Poland.


Arts Briefs

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival has hired Noavakay Knight, Ollie Becker and Danielle Mulcahy to expand the organization’s team.

This delightful children’s paperback could be a stocking stuffer if it was smaller.

What says the holidays better than a fierce game of hockey, played by former high school players reliving their glory days.