In early February, library lovers will be invited to carry the first of nearly 50,000 books and other items to the new Edgartown library building.
Beauty, our lovely seven-year-old frosted tip long-haired female cat has unfortunately been left at the altar by her gentleman caller.
The noted ornithologist who cut a wide swath through the world of birding died in the early morning on Jan. 21 at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital.
The Martha’s Vineyard Film Center has selected Featherstone Center for the Arts to curate art shows.
Last year Spindrift Studios danced to all things Stevie Wonder. This year’s show focuses on the year 1966.
On Friday, Jan. 29, there will be a fundraising event for Doug Kent entitled A Very Special Art Show.
The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital is conducting a health needs assessment and quality of life survey beginning this week.
Vineyard residents attending or planning to attend an accredited two-or four-year college or university or vocational-technical school are eligible.
On Jan. 9 martial arts eight students aged 7 to 12 participated in a tournament in Boxborough.