Martha’s Vineyard Airport safety teams staged a disaster drill at the airport Sunday simulating the crash of a 50-passenger aircraft.
Divas on Ice, the 27th annual Martha’s Vineyard Figure Skating Club spring show, featured performances by skaters of all levels.
The poet and novelist whose grace, elegance and remarkable longevity spanned more than a century, died at her home overlooking Stonewall Pond.
Start small, aim high. It could be the unofficial motto of the Biddy Ball program at the Martha’s Vineyard Boys & Girls Club, which teaches first...
There is good news and bad news at the animal shelter this week. Last week we had a little brown dog of indeterminate parentage who needed a home.
Susan Mercier joins Martha’s Vineyard Community Services as the new Island Wide Youth Collaborative program coordinator.
Basil Welch photographed nearly everything there was to see on the Island: boats, buildings, people, animal tracks, trees.
A film documenting commercial fishing, studies of northern long-eared bats and farm equipment fueled by waste vegetable oil are among the projects...
The One Act Play Festival by the Island Theatre Workshop opened on Friday night. It continues Saturday and Sunday, and next weekend.