On Tuesday, Paper Lanterns screens at the Film Center in Vineyard Haven. The film is the story of a quest to honor 12 POWs killed at Hiroshima.
The Gazette presents a film clip drawn from two videotapes shot before, during and after Hurricane Bob, which struck the Vineyard 25 years ago this...
In a forum last Saturday, Nate Parker — writer director, and lead actor of the film The Birth of a Nation — said raising funds was the hardest part...
The filmmaking couple will be on the Vineyard Wednesday, August 24 with their latest film Unlocking the Cage screening at The Martha's Vineyard Film...
Life, Animated is a documentary film based on Ron Suskind’s New York Times bestseller.
The documentary about 12 American POWs killed in Hiroshima screens at the Film Center on Tuesday.
Every seat was filled at the film center Wednesday for a screening of Meg Ryan's directorial debut, Ithaca.
Abby Ginzberg and fellow Cornell graduate Frank Dawson have created a documentary called Agents of Change, which was released last February.
On Wednesday evening the film festival will present the documentary Rock in the Red Zone at the Chilmark Community Center.