We present to our readers this morning, the first number of “The Vineyard Gazette.”
The great age of scrapbooks, so far as the Vineyard is concerned, was back in the nineteenth century
The world’s greatest steamship disaster — the sinking of the great White Star liner Titanic.
Eel Pond, anciently so named, is no longer a pond. From some points of view it has the character of an inland sea.
From the spring 1986 editions of the Vineyard Gazette:
Everyone knows this Vineyard highway, some much better than others, naturally.
It has been said that historians have not recorded things as they were, but rather as they felt they should have been.
Millions of readers of the Vineyard Gazette, asleep in ten hundred times ten hundred homes, stirred restlessly and uneasily in their slumbers.
Sheep accounted for the prosperity once so evident on the Island. Sheep kept many an elderly soul from going on the town.