Early historians of the Vineyard wrote little about the Island’s great expanse of the central plain. Life centered about the harbors and ponds or...
Vehicular travel is directed toward Manter’s Hill and The Brickyard in old Cape Higgon these days.
Ted Hartman at the derby weigh-in station.
The nightly scene at the weighing-in station in Oak Bluffs, is an aspect of the annual bass derby that has never been adequately described.
There is considerable virtue in an autumn rain, and some even in an autumn gale.
From every quarter comes the question: “What is the world coming to?”; and particularly when the word comes of wholesale disaster.
Indian summer weather greeted the opening of the 1952 seventh annual Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass Derby.
School opens. We have with us again the smiling morning faces and the reluctant feet.
The name of Mayhew is prominent in all Island annals: in politics, industry, religion and virtually all pursuits.
The waning of August brings once more one of the traditional great days of the Vineyard’s summer season, Governor’s Day, with the evening...